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At OMA1971, which has always been sensitive to the issue Sustainability, it was decided to take business decisions leading to environmental protection, community welfare and gender equity.


OMAMO “Oma loves environmental sustainability”: a virtual circuit to understand and deepen good initiatives such as environmental protection, well-being for the community and gender equity. How much is needed and, perhaps more, to represent a company with a capital “A”.
For us, responsibility and respect for man and the environment are essential guidelines driving towards a concrete approach to a sustainable future.


For these reasons we commit ourselves at the forefront in:

  • Continuous training and refresher courses for our employees.
  • Promotion of an inclusive working environment, with respect for fundamental rights at work and enhancement of the role of women, with attribution of responsibilities.
  • Attention to energy waste.
  • Development of technologies to support human work.
  • Clean and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Choice of partners sensitive to Sustainability issues.


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