In 1971 Giampietro Baldi decided to set up the company “OMA” (Officine Meccaniche Automatizzate)

In 1971 Giampietro Baldi decided to set up the company “OMA” (Officine Meccaniche Automatizzate) dedicated to the engineering, design, and construction of machinery for the product bottling, packaging, and wrapping such as wine, beers and grappas, with specifically reduced and compact systems to allow them to be inserted even in spaces contained in cellars, distilleries, and breweries.

A company, the “OMA1971” that, today, guarantees work for several employees and that allows the family second generation Fulvio, Eros and Fedra to continue, since 1993, in the conquest of national, European and world markets (and continent as well Oceania, Australia, America) in a continuity enriching, in fifty years of activity, the history of this family (whom Giampietro’s wife, Mrs. Loredana, is an integral part to): waiting for a third generation, ready to collect the witness with Alex and Giada Marra. Waiting for the new younger grandchildren, such as Giampietro, Daniele and Andrea Baldi, currently excellent students, making Ms Fedra Baldi says: “In the case of our company, the union is really strong! We all together we will be successful in time”.

On the board of “OMA” there are more than twenty European and American Industrial Invention Patents that allow to have a niche and highly technological product.

“OMA”… “flies high” and  with the creation of additional machinery presented at the “Simei 2019” Fair in Milan (gold medal prize for loyalty): MOONBLOCK; LEOOS. The first is called “Moonblock” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing (conceived by the engineers of “OMA”), whose main unique features are represented by a compact, aesthetically beautiful machine in line with the principles of sustainability.

Leoos “comes to light” to celebrate the 500 years of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci. This is a multi-product depalletizer with low energy consumption that does not require maintenance, with a stainless-steel structure. And then, the use of a participatory slogan “OMAMO”. OMAMO “Oma loves environmental sustainability”: a virtual circuit to understand and deepen good initiatives such as environmental protection, well-being for the community and gender equity. How much is needed and, perhaps more, to represent a company with a capital “A”.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, “OMA1971” decided to launch the “LEOOS AWARD”.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary of activity "OMA1971" decided to launch the "LEOOS AWARD". This project aims at enhancing the potential of the young generations of the territory, supporting deserving students who take the first steps in the world of work. The "LEOOS AWARD" will allow to help and give concrete support to 3 most deserving students attending the fifth classes of the chosen Higher Institutes of Verona, such as: I.T.T. San Zeno – Via Don Minzoni 50 – Verona I.P.S. Giovanni Giorgi – Via Rismondo 10 – Verona
The requirements for participation in the project will be:
A. Highest grade on the subjects of the sector (mechanics-mechanics) 
B. Highest grade in conduct C. Motivational letter of the student concerned
The "LEOOS AWARD" for the 2020/2021 school year provides for the donation of 3 (three) scholarships of Euro 250.00 for each deserving student for a total amount of Euro 750.00. OMA, through the "LEOOS AWARD" Project, makes available to young people the possibility of being selected for an internship in the company, for a period of 6 months with the possibility became a company employee. It therefore offers the opportunity to gain experience more about topics of interest and specialize in the sector.
It is the first initiative of its kind to be implemented in the province of Verona by private entrepreneurs. A committee chaired by Prof. Stefano Quaglia, a former student at the University of Verona and currently the Dean of Lavinia Mondin and made up of Prof. Maria Paola Ceccato from USR for Veneto, the heads of the three institutions Prof. Irene Grossi, Prof. Rosario Blasco, Prof. Gianluca Rossini and Prof. Laura Parenti from the UAT.VII University of Verona, will meet in August to choose the students who will receive the coveted recognition during a public ceremony in September.


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